Unique in the Universe  is a participatory art process which considers our uniqueness and our interdependence through conversation, filming,  projections and soundscapes.


Interdependence begins with communication and while we might not be able to understand each others spoken or written language, we can look  each other in the eye to find trust and respect. And through this multi-layered interaction, we  work towards a more peaceful and cohesive society.


The concept is the work of artist Eileen Haring Woods who uses film and photography to record and share her dialogues with participants, to reveal their unique fundamental human qualities of empathy, status, desire, fear and interdependence.


The process  is site specific and begins when I engage with residents, visitors, the famous and the unknown to film individual ‘Eye Take’ (short film) sequences.  Our eyes are surely one of our most defining features, communicating complex thoughts and emotions.


The edited Eye Take sequences place friends, family and strangers together to create new communities  connected only by their participation and my curating.  Projected outside on to buildings and public spaces, these Unique communities can be judged as reverential or controversial, but are never random.


It is the quality of the light of the projected image in twilight and night time and the gathering of friends and strangers in the democracy of public space which provokes engagement and interdependence.  Who are these people, what are they thinking, how do they affect you, the viewer, and how will you be compelled to engage with your fellow spectators?


To date over 100 people have participated in the first project, created for the iconic Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in Suffolk, England, with an indoor presentation at the Pakhuis de Zwijger arts complex in Amsterdam.




Projection on the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, Suffolk, UK

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