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Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary was founded in 1988 and has a constantly changing selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and original prints by important British and international artists. click on works available (above).


The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is a 'tiny art temple by the sea' and the Art House has been described as a living Kettles Yard by the sea.; in every room art by many of Britain's most important modern and contemporary artists becomes part of the household.  Most works are for sale and range from the inexpensive to the expensive


A qualified barrister Caroline Wiseman founded Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary in 1988. Since then she has lived and worked in both London and New York.  She established the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in 2010 and curates year round residencies, and interdisciplinary collaborations with established and emerging international artists.





Eileen Haring Woods is an artist, curator, writer and producer. Originally from New York City, my background includes art, music, theatre, film, design and production. Throughout my career in  I have worked with international creative legends, political, cultural and faith leaders, local heroes and my family. My practice as a curator, artistic director and producer has included large scale, interdisciplinary live events, film festivals, arts and environment festivals, theatrical Christmas parades, experimental research and development arts programming and public art. Within the commercial creative industries my work has included concepts and designs for store wide promotions, window displays, roadshows, press and PR. I have been a Company Director of the VGroup of companies providing comprehensive creative and production services to the arts, entertainment and promotions industry worldwide.


Artistic Director of Haring Woods Studio since 1996, working with my husband Michael Woods we have originated and produced cultural initiatives primarily about culture, commerce and community. As Artistic Director for the five year Gunpowder Park arts and environment programme, I collaborated with leading UK artists and curators, and with international visionaries including Robert Wilson and Tomas Sareceno.

I have been commissioned by landmark venues, local authorities, property developers, Arts Council England, international brands, the media, the United Nations Environment Programme. My work, in collaboration with interdisciplinary creative teams and as an independent artist has been shown in galleries, parks and open spaces, retail and leisure venues, online and in print.


After many years collaborating on complex projects, I organised time and space to create my own work; relocating from central London to Suffolk near the coast. My practice has changed significantly, developing my participatory process through a range of projects revealing my enduring interest in what makes people tick. Having previously concentrated on the impact of people in public spaces, witnessed from a distance, I now engage directly with individuals to reveal 'their place on earth', questioning the fundamental human qualities of empathy, fear, status, desire and interdependence.


In 2014-2016 I focused all of my experience to help develop the Global Parliament of Mayors, a new governance platform which was launched in September 2016.  My ongoing commitment to this 'governance revolution' connects me with people of power, the democratic process and the evolution of devolution.  The creative outcome will be a new project, a cultural programme for the GPM. called Icons of Democracy which will be realised in 2017.



For details of all my work please visit www.haringwoods.com


Eileen Haring Woods

March 2016

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Eileen Haring Woods & Caroline Wiseman at the London Art Fair 2014